fevereiro 3, 2010 § 1 comentário

i have this marvelous idea for a poem.

but i am too tired to write it



fevereiro 2, 2010 § Deixe um comentário

twenty-one chairs

two sofas

five boards

two murals

one foolish observer

make me a speech

fevereiro 1, 2010 § Deixe um comentário

I don’t look more suspicious than you do. We are more alike than we know (and that, my friend, is a real cliché).

We are messed up equally, non-proportional parts.

All in the head

when i look upon the sky

janeiro 30, 2010 § Deixe um comentário

from here

looks like  I’m in the

end of the world

or in the edge,

I don’t  know…

looks like the world

is a giant ball

with walls and ceilings

and I’m in one

of its endings

(the sky here is lower than home)

having breakfast, not me

janeiro 29, 2010 § Deixe um comentário

beginning the day

(inmsone)x insomne

made everything look


as if my body was jellymade

and bounced with every


each one, in a different



janeiro 28, 2010 § 1 comentário

band-aid on my middle finger

feels like

my handwriting is telling me




“think critically”

janeiro 27, 2010 § Deixe um comentário

well, I do.

but it’s just


no, no

I’m kidding.

Onde estou?

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