um bom dia

maio 25, 2009 § 4 Comentários

/continuando com um pouco da série do músicas-que-achamos-fofas


so you don’t want to hear about my good friends? 
you don’t have the guts to take the truth or consequence 
success is in the eye of the beholder 
and its looking even better over your cold shoulder 

i’m not suggesting you get to line me up for questioning
but jesus think about the bridges you are burning
and I’m betting
that even though you knew it from the start 
you’d rather be a bitch than be an ordinary broken heart 

so go ahead and talk about your bad day… 
i want all the details of the pain and misery 
that you are inflicting on the others 
i consider them my sisters and i want their numbers 

god its been a lovely day! everything’s been going my way 
i took up croquet today and i’m on fire 


[Dresden Dolls, The – Good Day[


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